Want to bring your wedding vision to life? It takes a little time.

Bride & GroomYou know what you want your wedding day to look like. Whether it is the flowers, the guest experience, or the photos that will be cherished for generations to come, one recommendation we have for our clients is to take some additional time with their vendors to communicate their vision, ideas, and needs for their wedding day. Here at the Vacaville Opera House, we understand the amount of time it takes just to pick your vendors…wedding fairs, office visits, website visits, tastings, more tastings, and even more tastings (truly the best part of wedding planning.)

However, even if you have chosen the best fit for you in wedding professionals, you should spend a little more time with them before your big day. Talk with your fiancé and prioritize your needs, wants and wishes for the day, and decide what is absolutely non-negotiable.

If you have taken the time to pin to your ‘wedding boards’, interviewed countless professionals, and learned the wedding vendor lingo, take that extra step with your vendor and communicate what is most important to you on your special day.

Talk to your photographer and ask for some additional photos, not just their stock shot list.
  • What pictures are on your “Must Have” list?
  • Special Guests – not on the general family photo list
  • Do you want to take some time out later to make sure you get photos at sunset?
  • Are there family members that you’d rather keep separate? Make sure your photographer knows about this!
Talk with your DJ about the time table for the evening and how long you have the venue and your photographer.
  • Do you want time to go and mingle with your guests before the dinner is served, or the toasts?
  • Do you have a “MUST PLAY” and “DO NOT PLAY” list?
  • Will you need to provide additional music in your favorite genre?

    If the DJ will be dismissing tables for a dinner buffet, you might want them to make sure any elderly family gets served first after the bridal party.
Ceremony Officiant:

Do you have certain wording or traditions you want incorporated in your ceremony?
Will there be a unity ceremony portion like a candle lighting or sand ceremony?
Don’t assume the officiant knows how you want the unity ceremony to proceed. Be specific and explain who will do what, and at what point in the ceremony.


IMG_1642 -It is imperative to let the caterer know if you have any
dietary restrictions for your guests, or family.
-Let them know if you want your grandparents or
elderly family members served first after the bridal
party, so they do not have to wait.
-Will you be providing a vendor meal for your wedding
professionals working during your event? Ask the
caterer to communicate with the vendors when a plate
is available for them.

If at any time you are talking with your hired wedding professional and they try to talk you out of something you really want (not just to stay within budget) you might consider it a warning sign and will need to be very specific about your expectations for their service.

It is also very important to connect with and confirm your timelines for service from your vendors for the wedding day 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. When will flowers be delivered, when will the cake arrive, when will your caterer arrive and begin serving, what time and where will your photographer meet for photos? Having these questions answered and a solid timeline, will help your venue and your event coordinating staff to ensure things run smoothly.

They say “Communication is the Key.” With regards to the wedding of your dreams,  communication is absolutely essential! Take the time with the people that are helping deliver your dream, this can alleviate last minute questions and on the spot adjustments during your ceremony or reception. You will not regret it!

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