Planning a High School Reunion headache free…

Class Reunion title on wooden ink splattered printing blocks. Grungy typography on a concrete background. Education themed title for reuniting old school friends and class matesPlanning a high school reunion can be so exciting and so full of frustration at the same time.

We have heard time and again from Opera House clients planning their high school reunions, that one of the hardest parts of planning is getting attendees to commit and purchase tickets ahead of time. Without ticket purchases it is hard to plan for food, size of venue, and enter into contracts with vendors without numbers or money for deposits.

Here are some tips to keep the planning process stress free.

Form a committee to help with the planning. Agree as a committee to pre-purchase your tickets. This way you will have some starting money to work with.

Think outside the box! Schedule it for a Friday night. Many venues will have a Friday price that is discounted from Saturday event pricing. Here at the Vacaville Opera House, if you plan on hosting an event on a Friday during the summer, take advantage of the great entertainment that is just across the street. During the Summer Downtown Vacaville, is alive with music from the CreekWalk Concert Series. Think of skipping the price of a DJ, guests can join the fun and dance the night away in Andrews Park.

Skip the seated down catered dinner ($$$). Hire one of our recommended Full-Service Caterers to host a full bar, and provide desserts. An evening event with cocktails and desserts is a great way for your guests to catch up, reminisce and relive the glory days without the expense of a lot of wait staff and the food. Or you can choose one of our Reunion packages with event rental, food, and drink all conveniently packaged starting at just $37 per person.

woman sitting in the street holding her smartphone with music on

Cost effective cuts…skip the DJ.  Many of our Reunion clients have told us that a DJ was an additional expense and that no one really danced. Consider making a playlist on an iPod with the top songs from your high school years. Here at the Opera House, clients can plug their phone into our sound system to play music. We also provide microphones for your event.

Looking to host your High School Reunion this Summer? Contact the Vacaville Opera House for a visit, and discuss your stress free options.
707.446.4441 or

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