Addressing your invitations…etiquette hasn’t changed that much.


Ordering your wedding invitations can be as stressful as saying “‘YES’ to the dress!”

Thiswedding-invitation-01 is the first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding style, colors and hints for what to expect. With so many choices for your invitations, it’s no wonder it can be overwhelming.

You have decided on your invitation, color of envelopes, inserts, RSVP cards, and fought the battle of THE GUEST LIST. It is time to address these paper gems and send them off to your closest family and friends.

Here are some tips for addressing your invites:
envelopes-1Outer Envelope – this is the main addressed envelope

This envelope should be formally addressed with titles and last names for invitees

Address components should be written out.

Apartment and suite numbers should be written in number form – except “one”

City, State and address names should be written out completely – without abbreviations (Street, Drive, Boulevard, California, etc.)

Acceptable abbreviations are “St.” for Saint and “Mt.” for Mount

Return address – should be on the back flap of the outer envelope. You do not have to include names but the return address should be spelled out and centered.

How to address for your guests:address-invitation-examples-01

  • Unmarried couples-should be addressed with both first and last names separately
  • Married couples should have the man’s name first and then wife’s name – unless she has a professional title.
  • Married couples with two titles should have the titles and names for both.
  • Same-sex couples should be listed alphabetically (whether married or not)
  • A single friend and guest-address the envelope to the friend and the inner envelope to the addressee and “and guest” or the guest’s name.
  • A single friend, without a plus one-the envelope should be addressed to the invited guest only.

Inner envelopes – these will have the title and last names of the invitees

  • On this envelope you may use familiar names for close family members
  • Or for a more formal style, use their title and last name
  • Invited children’s names may be written out below the parent’s names
Children – if you decide to invite children (young or older) to your wedding there are a few guidelines to follow.
  • If the children are young, they should be included on the invitation of their parents’.
  • If the child(ren) are over 18 and living at the parents’ home, they should receive a separate invitation.


More helpful ideas for hand addressing your invitations. For a fun touch, print a flourish on a clear address label to seal the outer envelope. Also, you can purchase a letter guide (like the one below) to help your writing stay in line with even spacing.  Here is a helpful guide to lettering!


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