They captured the Golden Snitch…at their wedding.

This couple planned the ultimate Harry Potter themed wedding. Here’s  how they took their theme to the extreme!

Themed weddings can be so much fun for your guests and really highlight your interests and personalities. In July, was the setting for an enchanted wedding embracing a Harry Potter theme.


If you are thinking of planning a themed wedding, take some tips from this couple to  make your wedding an experience your guests will never forget!


Erica Marie’s catering staff dressed for the occasion!

It all starts with commitment! Not only to your new life together, but with an “All In” commitment to your theme. Asking the caterers to dress for the occasion is a great touch!


As your guests await your arrival, think about ways to help them pass the time. Ask them to leave notes on successful relationships for you, like they did here. Make finding their table a little more fun with a memento like these beautiful keys.


Make sure your gift table and card box, keep with your theme. This couple used the owl and bird cage to hold cards from guests.

The bride and groom included Harry Potter themed activities to keep their guests entertained by providing: a photo booth with props, Quidditch Pong, a Wii for guests to play, trivia quizzes, and scenes from the movies played on our screen in the ballroom.

Dinner tables were decorated with a nod to classes and well known places in the world of Harry Potter. The centerpieces were vignettes incorporating items that fit with the theme of the table. Table centerpieces are an important way to spread your theme around the room, and leave your guests feeling immersed in your theme. 

For drink, Butter Beer was served and for dessert the bride and groom were both imaginative and traditional. They had a simply beautiful tiered cake, “Exploding Cake Balls,” truffles and a “Trolley Cart” themed candy bar.


You might not choose to recreate the world of wizardry, but if you choose to have a themed wedding, take tips from this couple. The delivery is “all in the details!”

Wishing a wonderful Always!









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