Getting married in your hometown…a great idea?

You’re the questions start. Have you set a date? Where are you going to get married? Will it be a church wedding, outside, country setting, or an indoor service and reception? With so many options to choose from, why not choose your hometown?

Aside from the sentimental aspect, having your wedding in your hometown can have some great perks!

Bride & Groom

Finding your wedding

Knowing the local businesses in your area, can be helpful when choosing vendors for your wedding.

The little details~

Your friends can help with the little details that are hard to manage from far away. They can even do a little prep work for you so your visits home for planning to make arrangements can be more efficient.

You know the area~

A place for your rehearsal dinner, hotel and guest accommodations, as well as your wedding and reception venue options will be more familiar to you. You might even have a favorite restaurant you would like to share with your wedding party, hold your rehearsal dinner there. A local park that holds special memories is a great place to have your engagement or wedding photos taken.


Friends and family may not have to travel far~

If you have relocated, it doesn’t mean that your family and friends have. Having your wedding where you grew up may save your family and guests travel time and money.


So you got a big city job after college, but with a city location, you can expect big city prices…”going back home” might possibly save you money on your wedding. Consider looking up your high school friends that might have started a hometown business.

Help with the after party details~

If you are leaving for your honeymoon right from your reception, it can be a relief having family or friends that are local to take care of your gifts, returning any rented items, and any general wrap-up that you might need after the wedding.

Wherever you choose to get married, we hope that your wedding is filled with wonderful memories, love and a happily ever after!

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