Think outside the (cake) box!

vacaville_operahouse_wedding-167Having a hard time deciding what flavor or cake to serve? He wants chocolate and you want Chantilly cream between layers of lemon flavored sponge cake, or maybe you just can’t decide between several flavors.

Try skipping the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake and try something different.

Many couples are opting to have a special one tier “cutting” cake made and then provide their guests with single serving dessert options.  We have compiled some ideas to help you think outside the (cake) box!

French Macarons are very popular for weddings and special events. With beautiful colors that can coordinate with your wedding design, and the multitude of options for fillings, they are perfect for an elegant event such as a wedding.

Their per cookie price can scare away a budget conscious bride, but when you factor in the size of a typical “serving slice” of wedding cake and the price tag per serving, you may even save a little dough. vacaville_operahouse_wedding-165

Cupcakes have been the rage for several years now. With the baking challenge shows on TV,IMG_3115 cupcakes are becoming works of art. Single serving cupcakes allow couples to choose multiple flavors and decorations. Also, you can save on the rental price of serving dishes, plates, forks etc. if your venue charges for those items.

Cake pops are making their way into dessert bars at events also. These are bites sized cake and frosting truffle like treats. They can be dipped in chocolates, sprinkles and other confection treats.

Fruit tarts are a great idea for gluten free alternatives. They are also refreshing, especially in the hot summer months.

Single glasses of mouse, pudding or even jello are a fun way to give your guest something a little sweet at the end of the night.

Can’t decide? Serve a dessert buffet! Just be sure to add a sign that desserts will be available after dinner and your cake cutting!


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