Wedding Planner, Coordinator or “DIY”?

Weddings are expensive. There isn’t any doubt that costs can soar when planning your “perfect day”.

With the advent of the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) apps, websites and readily accessible information on the internet, many couples choose to cut costs by doing wedding planning and coordinating themselves. If you are undecided, not sure you have the time, patience and resources to do it all yourself? We want to help you decide on the best game plan for your wedding.

The Wedding Planner: 

Wedding Planners and Coordinators will see to every little detail on your special day leaving you free to get ready without rushing.

Is it worth the price? What a wedding planner costs you in money, it can save you in time. They will help make your dreams come true. Using their expertise in event planning, and contacts in the “business” can save you research time. Based on your wants for the day, they offer suggestions for event vendors such as venues, caterers, bakers, florists, officiants and even seamstresses that they have worked with and know are reliable and will deliver an amazing product for your special day. You provide them with your vision, they will bring it to life.

The Wedding Coordinator:

Coordinators, like those we have on staff at the Opera House, are great for the “DIY” couple, and are also invaluable on your wedding day. This is a more budget friendly service for couples. They offer their voice of experience to bring your ideas to life. They can meet with the vendors with you to help ask the important questions you might miss.  Wedding Coordinators can be hired a few months before, weeks before, or even for just “the day of” the wedding.

They are invaluable on your wedding day. It may sound like a good idea to bring the flowers to your venue yourself and set-up the room with your special touches, or ask your friends and family to do it. What you might not think about is that you, your family and your closest friends, will be very 11071412_905114916207534_1713922562107028444_obusy just getting ready for your wedding that day. Typically, hair and/or makeup appointments begin hours before your wedding time, in order to accommodate the size of your bridal party. Then you need to schedule in time to get dressed and for your pictures. Your wedding day will be very busy. This is where a “day or week of” coordinator may be your answer.

bulap vases centerpiece
These vases are available on Etsy.

The Do-it-Yourself Couple:

Wedding planning apps for your phone are plentiful, so are magazines, websites as well as your married friends that are so excited to share their knowledge and experiences with you. If you decide on the “DIY” route, make sure you start early with your planning and any construction of items for the wedding. You would be surprised how long those super cute etched, monogrammed and burlap bow-tie centerpiece vases take to make.

If you are incorporating ideas from popular apps, the trick is to take the great ideas you find, and personalize them for your wedding. Watch out for “trendy” ideas, many of your guests attend more than one wedding a year, and you want yours to stand out as special and individual.

Our wish for you is to be able to enjoy and relish every minute of your day. So whichever path that you decide to take on your way to the altar, we wish you a lifetime of happiness.



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