Tiffany and Riley tie the knot – a family event here at the Vacaville Opera House

We are family –

Our staff here at the Opera House work so closely together on so many different types of events:  weddings, company meetings and parties, celebration of life memorials, etc. that we become a family. Actually several of our Opera House staff and management are family!!! So…when one of our extended Opera House family members is getting married, we get so excited.


The Wedding –


Patty (Upstairs Manager) and Janet (event coordinator/Mother of the Bride)

In April, the Vacaville Opera House was the setting for the wedding of Tiffany and Riley. Tiffany’s mom is our own wonderful ‘Miss Janet’. Janet has been working at the Opera House for the last 2 years, as an event coordinator and as event set-up staff. Her attention to  detail has not gone unnoticed by our clients, and she is a delightful addition our “OH” family.

Janet joined the staff here shortly after retiring from her lifelong teaching career. She and Patty (our Upstairs Manager and event coordinator extraordinaire) have been friends for many years. Their friendship started over 25 years ago when their children were in dance class together. Patty helped Janet and Tiffany organize the wedding. This was a labor of love for Patty, since Tiffany refers to her as a second mom. To thank Patty for her help “tying the knot” the bride presented her with a Tiffany & Co. silver knot necklace.


Here Comes the Bride –

The father-of-the-bride, Neil, walked our beautiful bride Tiffany down the aisle to her waiting groom.

Tiffany and Riley said their vows on the stage in our ballroom with the lighted backdrop casting a romantic glow behind them. Their ceremony was followed by a small reception with friends and family.

We are so happy that Tiffany and Riley tied the knot here at the Vacaville Opera House. We wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness, and welcome them to the family of Opera House couples!

Beautiful photos of the bridal party, family and happy couple taken right outside our door in Downtown Vacaville.


wedding_tiffanyandriley_067Flowers: Stems Florist, Vacaville
Photographer: Shawna Clark Photography
Venue: Vacaville Opera House

Thanks to the wonderful photographer Shawna Clark Photography for allowing us to use the photos of this special day. (You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @ShawnaClarkPhotography)

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Showering the Bride with Love

Venue: Vacaville Opera House
Accessories: Weddingstar
Succulents: Simply Treasures and More
Cupcakes: KC Cakes

IMG_2921Last weekend the Vacaville Opera House was the setting for an adorable bridal shower for bride-to-be Amanda, the niece of our own Office Manager Nicole. If you have held any type of event here at the Opera House, you have worked with her, she handles most of the paperwork, timelines, and emails associated with events here. This shower was a labor of love put together with her two daughters (Lyndzie and Mckenna) for their niece and cousin. Using local businesses and incorporating a hometown feel for the bride were priorities for Nicole and her daughters as they planned the shower.

Favor 1The bridal shower for Amanda’s 40 guests was held in our front bar room, and decorated in a blue and peach country chic theme. Small 3-inch mason jars with succulents were at each place setting as a favor for the guests. These cute little jars were purchased from our new wedding accessories vendor Weddingstar, and then painted Periwinkle Blue and filled with rose shaped succulents from local vendor, Simply Treasures and More. The centerpieces were white Mason jars filled with peach colored roses, and a candy dish was on the table filled with Jelly Belly’s (a Solano County product) in the wedding color palette.

The room was filled with tables set with classic white tablecloths and burlap runners, a gift and memory table, as well as the dessert table. A photo booth backdrop, for fun selfies and group photos offered a great opportunity for guests to use the personalized snapchat filter, designed by one of Nicole’s daughters for the day! A Mimosa Bar with several fruit options, provided bubbly refreshment, and lunch consisted of finger sandwiches, salads and fresh fruit. Cupcakes from KC Cakes (one of our favorite bakers) were decorated with rosettes in bride Amanda’s wedding colors,  provided a sweet treat for the shower guests.

Many shower planners are always looking for games and ways to incorporate them into the event. Our hostesses provided their guests plenty of opportunity to share stories ofIMG_2910 the bride, provide a recipe and/or advice for the happy couple, and ways for the guests to get to know each other. Nicole sent out a recipe card with the invitations asking the guests to return it with a favorite recipe, advice or “how-to tip” at the shower. Guests were asked to write a “Message in a Bottle” that included wishes for the Bride and Groom such as ” Always___, Never____, Sometimes you have to____, Don’t worry about ____, My wish for you____” then put it into an old-fashioned milk bottle for the couple to open on their first anniversary. Guests also could write a story about a memory they have with the bride, and if the bride wasn’t able to guess who wrote it, that guest won a prize. The variety of games were great opportunities for those in attendance to get to know each other and the bride better.

We are so happy for Amanda as she moves toward her new life with fiance, Jesse. Congratulations to the happy couple and to our Nicole, for providing a wonderful afternoon of memories for her niece.

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Another wedding from one of our favorite families…

cowanwedding--9050mspAnyone from Vacaville knows about Vasquez Deli-a staple in Downtown Vacaville for over 40 years.

The deli is located across the street from our office, and we eat there a lot! Our staff was over the moon to be part of the Vasquez/Enriquez wedding in August ’15 when their daughter Amanda and her fiancé Eric decided to start their happily ever after here, at the Vacaville Opera House. The details that they incorporated into the design and decor of their wedding were featured in a previous blog.

Imagine how excited we were when we got the call from Tracy again (Mother of the Bride)… letting us know that another of their daughters, Molly, was engaged. They wanted to come talk about having her wedding here also. Knowing their attention to detail, we could not wait to see how the Cowan wedding was going to come together. It also helps that both families were so sweet and easy to work with!

After meeting with Matt & Molly and their family during the planning process, we just got more excited for their event here. The wedding decor included a home-made chicken coop card box (an exact replica of Molly’s actual coop at home), a display remembering their family members that have passed on, and milk buckets to hold the floral centerpieces on the guest dinner tables. Matt and Molly provided their guests a welcoming, country-style, hometown wedding.

This sweet couple took their vows and celebrated the beginning of their life together surrounded by family and friends. Once again their family went over the top with the details that brought the couple’s personality out for their guests to enjoy.

Thanks to Monica of MonicaSPhotography for providing the great photos for us to showcase this wonderful wedding.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Cowan, may your future be filled with…Love, Laughter and a Happily Ever After!

Thank you Matt and Molly for letting us be part of your special day!

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Planning a High School Reunion headache free…

Class Reunion title on wooden ink splattered printing blocks. Grungy typography on a concrete background. Education themed title for reuniting old school friends and class matesPlanning a high school reunion can be so exciting and so full of frustration at the same time.

We have heard time and again from Opera House clients planning their high school reunions, that one of the hardest parts of planning is getting attendees to commit and purchase tickets ahead of time. Without ticket purchases it is hard to plan for food, size of venue, and enter into contracts with vendors without numbers or money for deposits.

Here are some tips to keep the planning process stress free.

Form a committee to help with the planning. Agree as a committee to pre-purchase your tickets. This way you will have some starting money to work with.

Think outside the box! Schedule it for a Friday night. Many venues will have a Friday price that is discounted from Saturday event pricing. Here at the Vacaville Opera House, if you plan on hosting an event on a Friday during the summer, take advantage of the great entertainment that is just across the street. During the Summer Downtown Vacaville, is alive with music from the CreekWalk Concert Series. Think of skipping the price of a DJ, guests can join the fun and dance the night away in Andrews Park.

Skip the seated down catered dinner ($$$). Hire one of our recommended Full-Service Caterers to host a full bar, and provide desserts. An evening event with cocktails and desserts is a great way for your guests to catch up, reminisce and relive the glory days without the expense of a lot of wait staff and the food. Or you can choose one of our Reunion packages with event rental, food, and drink all conveniently packaged starting at just $37 per person.

woman sitting in the street holding her smartphone with music on

Cost effective cuts…skip the DJ.  Many of our Reunion clients have told us that a DJ was an additional expense and that no one really danced. Consider making a playlist on an iPod with the top songs from your high school years. Here at the Opera House, clients can plug their phone into our sound system to play music. We also provide microphones for your event.

Looking to host your High School Reunion this Summer? Contact the Vacaville Opera House for a visit, and discuss your stress free options.
707.446.4441 or

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Addressing your invitations…etiquette hasn’t changed that much.


Ordering your wedding invitations can be as stressful as saying “‘YES’ to the dress!”

Thiswedding-invitation-01 is the first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding style, colors and hints for what to expect. With so many choices for your invitations, it’s no wonder it can be overwhelming.

You have decided on your invitation, color of envelopes, inserts, RSVP cards, and fought the battle of THE GUEST LIST. It is time to address these paper gems and send them off to your closest family and friends.

Here are some tips for addressing your invites:
envelopes-1Outer Envelope – this is the main addressed envelope

This envelope should be formally addressed with titles and last names for invitees

Address components should be written out.

Apartment and suite numbers should be written in number form – except “one”

City, State and address names should be written out completely – without abbreviations (Street, Drive, Boulevard, California, etc.)

Acceptable abbreviations are “St.” for Saint and “Mt.” for Mount

Return address – should be on the back flap of the outer envelope. You do not have to include names but the return address should be spelled out and centered.

How to address for your guests:address-invitation-examples-01

  • Unmarried couples-should be addressed with both first and last names separately
  • Married couples should have the man’s name first and then wife’s name – unless she has a professional title.
  • Married couples with two titles should have the titles and names for both.
  • Same-sex couples should be listed alphabetically (whether married or not)
  • A single friend and guest-address the envelope to the friend and the inner envelope to the addressee and “and guest” or the guest’s name.
  • A single friend, without a plus one-the envelope should be addressed to the invited guest only.

Inner envelopes – these will have the title and last names of the invitees

  • On this envelope you may use familiar names for close family members
  • Or for a more formal style, use their title and last name
  • Invited children’s names may be written out below the parent’s names
Children – if you decide to invite children (young or older) to your wedding there are a few guidelines to follow.
  • If the children are young, they should be included on the invitation of their parents’.
  • If the child(ren) are over 18 and living at the parents’ home, they should receive a separate invitation.


More helpful ideas for hand addressing your invitations. For a fun touch, print a flourish on a clear address label to seal the outer envelope. Also, you can purchase a letter guide (like the one below) to help your writing stay in line with even spacing.  Here is a helpful guide to lettering!


A themed wedding with just the right touches…


In September, we published a blog about immersing your guests in another world with a themed wedding. Today we show you how another amazing couple hosted a themed wedding using little details to showcase their “Super Hero” theme.

When choosing to host a themed wedding, ask yourself, do I want to provide an over-the-top experience, or little touches to entertain your guests?

This couple chose little touches to showcase that the bride was marrying her Superman. elegant gold and sparkling details were scattered throughout the decorations, boutonnieres, and even the bridal veil.

The trick to a successful themed event or wedding is all in the details. You want to show your guests that you put time into special touches that will delight them. You can go “all out” and redecorate your entire space or use unique touches to create a “hidden treasures” type of experience.


Any way you choose, a themed wedding is a fun experience for you and your guests!

Photos by: Shannon Morse Photography

Holiday weddings are so beautiful here…


Recently at our annual Wedding Faire, one of our popular photographers (Photography by Jordanna) shared with us photos of a recent wedding during the holiday season here at the Vacaville Opera House. We are always looking for photo ideas for our couples and ways to showcase our venue when it is decorated for the holiday season.

Here’s a look at the beginning of the Coleman’s Happily Ever After.

The bride Aria, looking gorgeous in the foyer on our fainting couch.

Opera House (54 of 69).jpg


The newlyweds in the front bar room with one of our decorated trees.

When booking for a wedding near the holidays, many of our couples are pleased to have the Opera House all dressed up in neutral gold and silver. This alleviates the need for the couples to purchase elaborate decorations for their wedding.


The convenient location of the Opera House in Downtown Vacaville is across from Andrews Park. The park provides beautiful and varied options for photos before and after the ceremony or reception.

The ceremony showed the love this couple has for each other. Tim gazes at his beautiful bride during their vow exchange.

Then the reception began!


Congratulations, Mr. &  Mrs. Coleman! We wish you a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story.

Thank you to Photography by Jordanna for sharing these wonderful photographs.


Finding YOUR perfect wedding professional…

Are you  ready for “Wedding Fair Season?”-Part One

It’s that time of year, Wedding Fairs are in abundance to help newly engaged couples begin planning their nuptials.

Here at the Opera House, we are getting ready for our annual Wedding Faire taking place on January 29, 2017.

Each year we invite some of our favorite vendors to gather here in one place to help our couples with planning their special day.2017-8x11-wedding-faire-flyer

For more information on how to get tickets to join us on January 29, 2017 give us a call at 707-446-4441.

At the Opera House we pride ourselves on helping couples plan their special day. It is our goal to alleviate some of the stress of planning for your wedding.  Our Wedding Faire helps couples by bringing together local vendors from each category, providing an opportunity to meet and talk with a variety of wedding professionals in one location.

Ahead of our Wedding Faire we are publishing a series of blogs to help couples make the most of the face time they have with vendors at the Opera House Wedding Faire. We begin our series with a general list of questions you will want to ask each vendor you are interviewing. Each following blog post will have vendor specific questions to ask based on a wedding professional category. Each post will address what you need to know from your florist, photographer, caterer, baker, and DJ.

PART ONE: General questions for any wedding professional

  • If you know your date, are they available?
  • Will there be a written contract?
  • Do they accept credit cards?
  • What amount of deposit is required to save the date?
  • When is the final remaining amount due?
  • Is the deposit refundable if the event has to be cancelled?
  • What is the vendor policy in case of illness on the part of the vendor?
  • Do they have back-up staff?
  • Do they have liability insurance?
  • How many staff members will you have for your event?
  • How do their staff members dress for events?
  • If extra time is needed what is the charge per hour?
  • Will their staff clean up their equipment after the event?
  • How much time is needed to set-up and break down after the event?
  • Have they done events at my venue?
  • Can they offer you references?

It’s Here…the Color of the Year for 2017


Here is a beautiful way to incorporate the                                                                2017 Color of the Year into your centerpieces.


It’s not just a superfood, it’s the “Must Have” color for events and weddings in 2017.

Every year in September, Pantone (the leader in the world of color) designates a color palette that weaves through New York fashion runways, major society events and forecasts wedding color trends for the upcoming year.

Who is Pantone? Do they know what they are talking about? – YES

From their website – “Pantone LLC…is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.” see more here

How do you put this Superfood into your event without it looking like the makings of a smoothie?

Green and deep pink are great for a modern color scheme, try pairing it with a bright white for a crisp look or with a softer ecru or beige to make the colors pop!


See the 2017 Pantone palette for other trending colors.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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They captured the Golden Snitch…at their wedding.

This couple planned the ultimate Harry Potter themed wedding. Here’s  how they took their theme to the extreme!

Themed weddings can be so much fun for your guests and really highlight your interests and personalities. In July, was the setting for an enchanted wedding embracing a Harry Potter theme.


If you are thinking of planning a themed wedding, take some tips from this couple to  make your wedding an experience your guests will never forget!



Erica Marie’s catering staff dressed for the occasion!

It all starts with commitment! Not only to your new life together, but with an “All In” commitment to your theme. Asking the caterers to dress for the occasion is a great touch!


As your guests await your arrival, think about ways to help them pass the time. Ask them to leave notes on successful relationships for you, like they did here. Make finding their table a little more fun with a memento like these beautiful keys.


Make sure your gift table and card box, keep with your theme. This couple used the owl and bird cage to hold cards from guests.

The bride and groom included Harry Potter themed activities to keep their guests entertained by providing: a photo booth with props, Quidditch Pong, a Wii for guests to play, trivia quizzes, and scenes from the movies played on our screen in the ballroom.

Dinner tables were decorated with a nod to classes and well known places in the world of Harry Potter. The centerpieces were vignettes incorporating items that fit with the theme of the table. Table centerpieces are an important way to spread your theme around the room, and leave your guests feeling immersed in your theme. 

For drink, Butter Beer was served and for dessert the bride and groom were both imaginative and traditional. They had a simply beautiful tiered cake, “Exploding Cake Balls,” truffles and a “Trolley Cart” themed candy bar.


You might not choose to recreate the world of wizardry, but if you choose to have a themed wedding, take tips from this couple. The delivery is “all in the details!”

Wishing a wonderful Always!